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Just because it is important to let go sometimes by plunging into a different world, (In)significant Magazine has selected for you new books to discover.

« Love letters of great men and women » edited par Ursula Doyle

If you’re a fan of Sex and the City, you will probably recognize this beautiful book cover. Our famous Carrie Bradshaw has it in one of the movies. This lovely collection of letters rocks us and takes us into a world where feelings were still written on beautiful paper. This book brings together different love stories through posts and each one of them is more beautiful than other. The authors of these letters were kings and queens, composers, writers or poets. You will find Alfred de Musset,Victor Hugo, Anne Boleyn, Queen Victoria and many other well-known personalities of the past centuries.

« … people don’t write love letters any more, and that email and text messaging are death to romance. »

Ursula Doyle.

« L’art de recevoir » Ladurée

After a sweets edition and a salty one, Ladurée publishes an on l’art de recevoir: 10 small books, each one dedicated to a meal of the day. You will find the art of breakfast, brunch with friends, picnics chic, family lunch, snacks, buffet dinners and many more. Tips are also given for you to set up your table in an entertaining yet classy way depending on the occasion. A delicious box not to be missed!


« Vogue Model, the Faces of Fashion » edited by Robin Derrick and Robin Muir

Like an encyclopedia, this book brings together the most beautiful photographs of models who appeared in Vogue  in the recent decades. Cindy Crawford, Gisele Bundchen, Gemma Ward, you will find the biggest fashion icons . Inspiring, beautiful and graceful, their faces never cease to fascinate us. In addition to photographs, there are  biographies of these masters of fashion inspired by their adventures at Vogue. A real journey in a world with no equal.

« … the most iconic models have all featured in the pages of the world’s fashion bible, Vogue. »


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